SSD Info-Tech providing NSDL PAN Sub-agency for only Individual pan card. If you get this agency ID. You can apply for individual pan cards safe, secure and fast. You don’t send an application every time, send application with acknowledgment monthly once to our office address. NSDL acknowledgment will generate within 1 hour after submitting the application.

Why acknowledgments generate delay?

Because after submitting your pan application our team will verify your application filling details perfect or not. If you are filling application perfect and smart our team will promote the NSDL server. So acknowledgment generates tack some time. 

How much amount for each PAN card?

Only 107 debated from your wallet for each PAN card.

When amount debited from my wallet?

When you submitted application form the amount debited from your wallet, if your application not perfect we are rejecting your application,
We are allowing edit and re-upload the application from your login id. If you re-submitted application perfect, then we promoted application NSDL office, only debated pan amount 107.
If you delete the rejected application in your id, your amount 107 revises to your wallet.

How much time to tack get PAN card?

PAN number will generate within 3 to 5 working days after submitted application to NSDL. E-PAN also generate within 10 working days. Original card will be delivered to communication address within 15 to 20 working days.

How can get PAN agency?

Scan and send required documents to our mail id.

  • 1. Aadhar Card both side.
  • 2. PAN Card.
  • 3. Shop address proof. (Udyog Aadhar or EB Bill or Rent Agriment or GST Certificate)
  • 4. Passport size photo 1.
  • 5. Signed agency application form.
  • 6. Download application from here
  • 7.Bank Passbook First Page.
  • *All documents send only .jpeg or .pdf file only.

How to scan documents. ஆவணங்களை ஸ்கேன் செய்வது எப்படி?

If you send all the required documents to us. You will transfer the agency amount in our bank account then after confirmation, your id will be generated within 24hr.

After generated id, we are sending a welcome mail and send a private training tutorial video link for you and always support our team for you.